Nisekoi: False Love (Season 2)

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Until the release of season 2 of Nisekoi: False Love, I had completely forgotten the names of most of the cast save for our two leads. But I did remember everything that had happened last season which is rare for me as most romantic anime shows are excellent in their familiarity to the tropes of the genre but still hopelessly generic. Every cast, while different from the last, still conforms to the expectations of the audience and so can’t help being the same, show to show. But because Nisekoi’s cast made such an impression on me, I slipped back in and was cuddled in five minutes by their energy and enthusiasm.

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500 Or Less: Love Live Sunshine!

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Is there more to Love Live Sunshine than just cute anime girls singing, eating cake and having a good time? Wait, where have I heard that plot description before?

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Golden Time (14-24)

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I believe when I left Golden Time last, I wondered if Tada Banri was being honest with himself being in a relationship with rich girl Koko Kaga and whether or not Koko was truly in love with Banri. Well, in this batch of episodes, you’ll get the answers to this. You’ll also be twisted like hot metal by the ups and downs and ups our two lovers go through before the final episode.

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500 Or Less: Sound Euphonium!

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Ghost in the Shell: The New Movie

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How do you continue a franchise that started on a slow burn, became super popular and to this day has a legion of fans the world over and not trip over yourself? Well, the answer will surprise you because it’s certainly not Ghost in the Shell and unfortunately, it’s not this film either.

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500 Or Less: Ojisan & Marshmallow

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My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU (Season 1)

•April 4, 2016 • Leave a Comment

I feel ill-equipped to talk about My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU simply because the show talks about school life better than anything I could say. Through the pitfalls and perils of being in school, the show has a handle on what it’s like to be the object of scrutiny and ignorance. Even as the characters fumble around, trying to understand each other, we learn that the show values them figuring themselves out more. Even when it’s being happy or sad, the cast finds themselves learning about an inner reservoir they didn’t know they had.

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