Eeeper’s Choice Show 04:The Cunning-Segway-Into-Peanuts Show Extra Shownotes and reviews

Hi guys! Here’s extra show notes and full reviews for the titles I’ve reviewed.

I’ve just got the remaining episodes of Jigoku Shoujo. I’ll let you know in next weeks show how the show turned out. As I haven’t seen the whole series yet I’m refraining from reviewing on this page. Instead I’ll wait till the next time and post it then. In the meantime here’s my written review of Sgt. Frog from TokyoPop

Title: Sgt. Frog (Keroro Gunso)


Author: Mine Yoshizaki

English Language Publisher: TokyoPop (UK/US)

Keroro Gunso was recommended to me by an online friend. I had heard about the title in respect of the anime. After collecting a few volumes of Love Hina I passed by volume one of Keroro. The artwork on the cover looked sharp and neat. I like neat. That’s why it takes me three weeks to clean up my bedroom. I’ve got a pet in here somewhere……

Sgt Frog (Keroro) and his team of five from the *ahem*”Space Invasion Force’s Special Advance Team of the 58th Planet of the Gamma Storm Cloud System” who have come to invade the planet Pekopen (Earth). The invasion seems to be working but before they can make their presence felt, the invasion force retreats, leaving Keroro and Co. behind. Discovered by Fuyuki and Natsumi Hinata in their home, he is forced to endure household tasks in order to be allowed to stay in the Hinata household. It never occurs to him that the Hinatas would never dream of turning him over to the government. As well as planning the conquering of Planet Pekopen, his great passion in life is Gundam model building. This was only done because the author is passionate about Gundam but when the anime adaptation was being planned Sunrise (people behind Gundam) wanted to do the animation. As a result the anime didn’t need to be changed to protect copyrights. He is joined (at least by vol.three) by Private Tamama (a mild mannered psychotic!?!) and Corporal Giroro (a Rambo type with an itchy trigger finger). There goes the prefecture.


But I digress. To say Keroro is manic is simplifying it. It does have a certain amount of fan service in it (Keroro spying on Natsumi, Aki Hinata (the mother)’s being well endowed and Natsumi (more on her later)) but the titles strength seems to lie in it not taking itself too seriously nor too funnily. It DOES have manga staples like the beach chapter and so on but in the three volumes I’ve read the title is paying off. Things like the chapter where Natsumi is turned into a grown up so that she can accompany the rest of the gang (minus Aki) to the beach are well done rather than being the usual crap. She has to wear her mothers clothing as she is, umm how should I say this, too big for her regular clothes. Now usually in manga something like the ageing ray would be used once and then never seen again. But Mine uses the ray gun again later in the volume when Aki has to impersonate Fuyuki.


Natsumi is at times the heroine and villain of the story. She sees through Keroro smokescreen of quiet behaviour to his true nature. His plans to take over the world are always undone by Natsumi. But she’s known as “The Devil” as she’s a bully in school and she’s a bully at home too. But she’s neither unlikable nor unlovable. She’s just FIRECE.


Fuyuki is a believer in all things unknown. So having an alien living in his home is a dream come true. Also he is a master at telling horror stories. Just read the chapter where the gang tell each other horror stories. Priceless.


Oh I should introduce the gang.

12 year old Momoko Nishizawa is a rich girl who likes Fuyuki. But she has a split personality in which the gentle Momoko likes Fuyuki and is shy and retiring. The other is a raging psycho who views everyone who gets close to Fuyuki as the Devil. She, quite rightly, takes care of Tamama.


Angol Moa:

Nostradamus predicted that the apocalypse would come. He just didn’t know the apocalypse would be a ditzy, scatterbrained girl. From outer space her family is good friends with Keroro. She calls him ‘Uncle’. Go figure.


The Ghost:

The spirit of a condemned girl who died in a former prison located on the Hinata’s property. She tries to scare people away but didn’t reckon on a space frog.



All in all, I like this title. It’s a guilty pleasure that passes the time on your way to work/school/college/uni/Judge Judy/whatever. Don’t expect rocket science from it but don’t think its Pokemon either.


Review by Eeeper.


~ by eeeper on August 25, 2006.

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