Episode 11: Misogynistic Love God Worship

Air Gear (2006-Present)

by Oh! Great

Written and drawn by Ito Ōgure (under the pen name Oh! Great), this manga originally published by Kodansha in 2003 and is still ongoing. Currently bring published in the United States by Del Ray and by Tanoshimi in the UK, it tells the story of Minami Itsuki (Ikki for short) who is the undisputed leader of the fighting gang called “East Side Gunz.” However, his life changes in new, exciting and often painful ways when the AirTreck gang called Skull Saders beats to him into a pulp. Upon suitably recovering from his ordeal, he discovers that his adoptive sisters are in fact the famous rival AirTreck gang “Sleeping Forest.” Stealing a pair of their skates, he settles his score with the Skull Saders and becomes the newest contender to be AirTreck champion, a path that is destined to bring him joy and heartache….

They Were Eleven (1986)

Director: Satoshi Dezaki & Tsuneo Tominaga

Based on the 1975 manga by Moto Hagio, this film, originally with the Japanese title Jûichi-nin iru! and directed by Satoshi Dezaki and Tsuneo Tominaga, centres on the distant future. Mankind has gone to the stars and made peace with themselves and all other alien races in the galaxy. In order to help train the leaders of tomorrow the various races establish the Cosmo Academy. With rigorous testing levels only a handful applicants are selected every four years. Tada, an Esper from Terra, (that’s Earth to you and me) is one such person selected to make up a group of ten students.The ten applicants receive their final exam orders: Board the derelict ship Esperanza and function as a unit for a set amount of time. If they get into trouble that they cannot handle they can call for assistance. However, if they do then the whole group fails and will be rejected by the academy.

However when they arrive they discover that their number makes Eleven now. Worse still, events conspire to set every student against each other as they struggle to complete the test and discover who the impostor really is…

Birdy The Mighty(1996)

Director: Yoshiaki Kawajiri

Based on the manga by Yuuki Masami and produced by MADHOUSE under the auspices of director Yoshiaki Kawajiri. This two part OVA follows the unhappy exploits of Tsutomu as he encounters the interplanetary police officer Birdy Cephon Altirra as she attempts to apprehend a criminal. The meeting kills Tsutomu instantly meaning that the Intergalactic Federation ( what else would it be?) orders Birdy to merge with the unfortunate high-schooler in order to save him. Now the two must work together to solve the mystery of intergalactic criminal Christilla Levi AND make it to class on time. Add to that the fact that Tsutomu’s dad keeps seeing strange naked girls around the house and Tsutomu’s sisters’ wardrobe keeps disappearing then reappearing in a disheveled state……….

(Edit Note: Yeah I know we were supposed to leave our reviews for the titles above but we’re getting there. Another day or two,OK? )


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  1. Thanks for your “Bail Organa” comment on the Ninja Consultants podcast blog.

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